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Orca Pacific provides a wide variety of services, including construction, maintenance, and repair services. We also provide consulting services on all projects
Click here for education and specifications about Chemtrol controllers, Coates heaters, and filter media..
Available services include:
Water treatment, including chemical supply and treatment consulting.
Natural water treatment, treating natural bodies of water for bacteria and algae using our enzyme compounds.  
Construction projects; we can see a pool / spa system construction project through from the concept and design phase to finished product. We provide expertise every step of the way, from selection of design and materials; filtration, circulation, and heating systems; to water treatment and system maintenance.
We provide consultation and education on all building / construction projects. We understand the various needs of our customers and can advise you on issues related to the building and maintenance of your pool and spa system.
** Contact Orca Pacific to discuss specific project needs and for further information.